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Our History

Community Initiatives for Children Has Provided Over 20 Years of Service to the Community.

Phillips Community Initiatives for Children (PCIC) was established in 1988 in reaction to the growing number of children that were falling through the cracks of poverty in the Phillips neighborhood. This grass roots effort began in what was described as one of the largest, poorest and most ethnically diverse communities. It was determined that there was a great need to support low-income parents in their effort to become self-sufficient and prepare their children for school success and life.  This was done by providing a host of services; drop-in childcare, family support , referral services, personal empowerment training, prevention, reading and story time activities for children, as well as laundry services, food support and other basic need support.

In 2003 we expanded our program initiative to address the needs of changing and diverse families who were being negatively impacted in North and South Minneapolis.  It was during this time that  PCIC became “Community Initiatives for Children”  (CIC)  to reflect a broader  area of service delivery  from one neighborhood  to  ten neighborhoods in Minneapolis; Ventura-Village, Phillips, Whittier, Central, Powderhorn, Cedar Riverside, Near-North, Sumner-Glenwood, Hawthorne and Bottineau. It was also during this time that Community Initiatives for Children established the goal to focus on educating parents with preschool children ages three-to five-years old.

Since then we have continued to refine our programs and services. Hundreds of families have been assisted in preparing their children for success in school through the use of our effective and proven programs. Over the years we have learned many lessons through the success of our programs. We are always looking at ways to expand and improve our curriculum as well as expanding our services to children ages birth-to-three.


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